Success Withdrawn By PayTM


Winning is about not giving up! The quote applies well for the founder of PayTM Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma. When you see the smile on Vijay’s face, you could all see is the winning champ of PayTM. But the gulping of his throat when he expresses his path travelled all along to reach what he desired is enough to show how difficult the history of PayTM was. He always speaks about the circle of life. How it changed his lifestyle completely.

PayTM is an online mobile wallet. Started in 2010 with all the new idea of making payment through mobile or computers. In the beginning it was not trusted and as time passed people started thinking broad about the technology and its advancements. It helped PayTM to be one of the most trusted mobile wallets and stands in the No.1 position among all now. It made our life easy in a unique way. A person no need to go to recharge shops, stand in a queue to pay electricity bill or to transfer money in banks. You can do all this in seconds just through your mobile, being anywhere in the world. Currently we can see almost everyone booking movie tickets, paying online through PayTM.

PayTM is something without which we cannot imagine of bill payments nowadays. Millions or rupees is transacted every day through it. But the founder once had just 10 Rs. In his pocket. Coming from a well to do well to do family and a village Aligarh, Vijay’s life was full of thrones for many years. He got to cross hurdle in all his way from college. Once he had no money even to manage his basic expenses. He says he lived with two cups of tea every day to survive. But he never gave up. That is what Vijay say’s when someone ask something good about himself.

Vijay tried many ventures before starting PayTM. He went under great loss sometimes and survived through all the just with the help of his hopes. He worked so hard in finding what he wanted from many years. Vijay was never afraid of failures. Instead he thought them as lessons he learnt from himself.

Currently the value of PayTM is $3 billion. Vijay’s dream of being an established business man in India has now come true. The company’s profit boomed in recent months because of demonetisation in India. Vijay loves and encourages his team and employees in all the way possible. Though it looks like his years of struggle has come to an end, his spirit of doing much more things keeps him awake forever. His journey of being an entrepreneur is an inspiration to the coming generations. Now we can see many start-ups who serves online payment, who are following the path discovered by Vijay for PayTM.

Story of a Startup


Startups are the most interesting thing to happen as it is a company founded on the dreams. People feel connected with it and they have the biggest growth opportunity, when they seriously about taking this into a well- planned big organization. In the year 2008, Shashank ND, the founder of Practo dreamt of planning something for the medical fraternity. And today after 9 years they have grown big, and succeeded getting 1 Lac + doctor listed and are making more than 50K+ appointments across country annually .

This idea was initiated by Shashank considering the problems he faced while his father was undergoing treatment. His father was ailing and Shashank needed a second opinion from a senior doctor, though he never knew which doctor he can trust for this important decision related to his father’s life. He was in this dilemma because the doctor he was trusting, was just a virtual contact whom he has not met in person or is not recommended by anyone he knew. So he planned a website/portal where doctors and patients can come together and discuss their and their loved one’s medical condition considering their specialty, locality and recommendations from others who either have been treated by them or who know about them and their services. This platform gave a chance to doctors even to showcase their specialization with recommendation and to market their services via a simple platform on digital media.

Since the idea had been successful, today Practo is the largest online clinic management portal in South Asia including Singapore. People can book their doctor’s appointment, seek consultation and can pay them online, hence it is a hassle free process followed beautifully by 10 billion people across globe.

The credit of Practo’s success goes to the local Private Clinics and Doctors who trusted them initially for investment and shared a story in the success. And today Practo offers free services to doctors who want to try any plan for 14 days free of cost, though with limited features. The employee strength of company has also grown from initial 10 employees to 300+ employees on board today. They believe on people who look for solutions for something which is not workable.

The startup has only one motive that is to unite specialists and patients on a similar stage with the goal that patients know where to go when they have to locate the best specialist, and specialists can deal with their patients in a better way.

Each worker with Practo know precisely what the organization aims for and works towards. The startup advances an open culture at work. They believe in being transparent hence they make sure to discuss all the business aspects with the people who matter the most, which is their employees.

Uniting the services with IT has helped Practo grow to the next level where they could reach more people and can find accountable doctor for the patient’s problem.

In short we can say that Practo has created a space in this ever competing market, and have succeeded to make it amongst those whom people can rely upon. A definition of Start-up is well-exhibited by Practo which includes a clear vision, achievable goal, growth and Support, thankfully they have managed to earn all of it in last 9 years. The only goal which Shashank and company would be aiming next would be the sustainability in the market. We wish all the best for the same.

Top Food Bloggers in India.


Food is something we all love. For a hungry stomach reading about delicious food and seeing the yummy images are enough to fill it to half. We need to thank these awesome food bloggers who share our hunger and at the same time they fill us with lovely food ideas. Whether you are new to kitchen or an expert cook, you always can make wonders in the taste with the help of these licious bloggers.

With the easily available groceries, you might have not known how many recipes you can try yourself. Get good guidance by these blogs to create another magical dinner for your family and friends.

  1. Sailu’s Food by Sailaja. is been influencing people with its wonderful recipes since 2005. The person behind this blog is Sailaja, who is an expert in kitchen. You can see many kinds of food making ideas in her blog, which are well narrated and easy to follow. She started her blogging with Andhra style recipes and now she has covered almost every Indian cuisine.

  1. Richa Hingle.

Richa’s inspiring food blog Vegan Richa is one of the best blogs you can ever come across. The writing is so simple and step by step images for each recipe is an amazing idea to guide people how to cook. Richa is an award winning recipe blogger as well as she is popular for her photography also.

  1. Sharmilee

She is a passionate food blogger. Sharmilee loves food for herself. That love on different kinds of foods made her to do this work for other foodies. will take you to a tasty world of mainly south Indian mouth-watering recipes. She elaborates each step with perfect image to help her readers in trying her recipes.

  1. Rajeshwari Vijayanand.

Raks Kitchen is for vegetarian food lovers. Rajeshwari is a simple Indian girl, who is popular for her delicious veg recipes. When you take a walk through her website you will find many super special recipes which you will never get at any other site. She produces new recipes and publish to help her followers.

  1. Mallika Basu.

Mallika Basu is creative enough to fill her readers mouth just with beautiful images of every food idea she gives. You can find her narration very simple but they reach her followers easily. Well maintained site will make you visit it again and again. is her own place where she plays with her creativity to produce licious foods.

  1. Dasanna

When you search for any veg recipe, the first site you can see is Dassana’s. She writes about every food from north India to south India in her blog . she is a full time blogger and spends most of her time creating interesting recipes for her followers. Her simple and easy going write ups are loved by many readers.

Top Tech Bloggers in India


Technical blogging is having a huge competition in recent years. With fast paced technical inventions, a tech blogger should be quick enough in catching the speed along with the perfection in the ideas. There are many tech bloggers emerging from every part of India from past few years. It may take years to be successful in the field of tech blogging. Here are few tech bloggers who never gave up struggling with the sprinting technology.

  1. Sandeep Jain.

He is the founder of GeeksforGeeks. Coming from IIT Roorkee he would love to solve programming. You can see many solutions for all types of technical issues we find. He has a team with him, who along with Sandeep strive to make the solutions simpler to their readers and followers.

  1. Amit Agarwal.

Amit is a popular technical blogger. He holds the glory of being the first professional tech blogger of India. He regularly speaks about technology in conferences and you can see his writings in major magazines as well. He provides guidance to his readers about popular web apps and mobile apps. He has written an award winning Digital Inspiration blog.

  1. Abhijeet Mukherjee.

Abhijeet founded a popular tech site called Guiding Tech. It publishes articles, reviews about OS and software tools. There is a unique type of blogs they publish. They say about its history, cultural aspects along with technical things.

  1. Anand Khanse.

He blogs about windows operating system in his blog The Windows Club. Anand is a very humble family person who is a Microsoft MVP awardee for ten years’ period. He founded The Windows Club in 2006 and since them it one of the top Windows related blog.

  1. Lalit Kumar.

Lalit founded TecWelkin in 2011 and it is now a famous website which publishes articles on software, computer, mobile related topics. His writings go simple and easy to read and follow for all kids of readers.

  1. Aseem Kishore.

Aseem Kishore started his blog Online Tech Tips in 2007. As the name itself says the blog provides software or technical tips to its readers. You may find tips on how to use a software or how to use some application etc.

  1. Harsh Agrawal.

Harsh Agrawal’s start up ShoutMeLoud has a great history before it started. He started it just because he had no choice when he met with an accident and had to be on bed for six months or more. Then this ShoutMeLoud got started in 2009. Now he making most out of his multiple blogs.

  1. Raju PP.

He started in the year 2008. He always says he believes in KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. So does his tech blogs. They look very simple and conveys what they should in an easy way to the readers.

  1. Amit Bhawani.

Amit Bhawani’s gives you whatever you need about mobiles. He focuses on the specifications, uses, reviews, how-to about different mobile phone released to the market in a simple way.

A Glorious Victory in E-Commerce – Flipkart Walmart an Indian Start-up.


In the world of busy life, everyone tries to find an easy way for everything they do. If you are a full time employee and finds hard to spend time on shopping at markets, you will obviously move for something easy and better which doesn’t steal a much of your day. In this digital world, everything runs at our finger tips. The first thing that our fingers touch when we want to buy something online is FLIPKART. Flipkart has become a synonym for online market for most of the Indians.

Any business faces challenges in the beginning in the world of well-established e-Commerce business field. When Flipkart was on the way to reach its customers in 2007, the path was not so easy. There were so many hurdles to be crossed to get a stand in the pool of competition.

Mr. Sachin Bansal and Mr. Binny Bansal founded the company Flipkart in 2007. Before that they worked together and though to establish their own kingdom in e-commerce. Flipkart was not the only e-commerce website at that time. Even then they reached the people so fast because of their extraordinary business plan and the way they executed. They never concentrated on the money they are going to make. They got expert by the way they understand their customers’ needs.

Though only books were sold by Flipkart in the beginning, eventually people got to see almost everything they need in the website. While flipping across the items, they started feeling burden free. The genuine products, safe packaging-shipping and secured payment modes made customers life hassle-free. Because of this they came in No. 1 position in Indian e- commerce.

Started the company with mere investment of 4,00,000.00 but full of zeal to enter into the biggest e-commerce world makes anyone feel astonished to know its successful story. But the founders know the hard-core difficulties they came across. They wanted the trust from people and not just money. They strived hard in the beginning while selling books was only its work. They stood at every college gate, book stores to get the attention of buyers. Soon every other product from electronic gadgets to furniture started popping up in the website. Investors started funding over the company. And now it grew so gigantically to be an example for the result of hard work.

The success story of flipkart cannot be completed without knowing their net worth. Currently each of the founders have net worth of $1.3 billion and stand in 86th position. Flipkart has even purchased other firms like WeRead in 2010, ChakPak and Mime360 in 2011, Letsbuy in 2012 and recent one being Myntra in 2014 which is a biggest apparel store in India. Sachin and Binny achieved their goal just by keeping customers’ satisfaction in their minds, which is a primary thing any businessmen should think. Flipkart has become a role model for the upcoming start-ups in India.

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