Winning is about not giving up! The quote applies well for the founder of PayTM Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma. When you see the smile on Vijay’s face, you could all see is the winning champ of PayTM. But the gulping of his throat when he expresses his path travelled all along to reach what he desired is enough to show how difficult the history of PayTM was. He always speaks about the circle of life. How it changed his lifestyle completely.

PayTM is an online mobile wallet. Started in 2010 with all the new idea of making payment through mobile or computers. In the beginning it was not trusted and as time passed people started thinking broad about the technology and its advancements. It helped PayTM to be one of the most trusted mobile wallets and stands in the No.1 position among all now. It made our life easy in a unique way. A person no need to go to recharge shops, stand in a queue to pay electricity bill or to transfer money in banks. You can do all this in seconds just through your mobile, being anywhere in the world. Currently we can see almost everyone booking movie tickets, paying online through PayTM.

PayTM is something without which we cannot imagine of bill payments nowadays. Millions or rupees is transacted every day through it. But the founder once had just 10 Rs. In his pocket. Coming from a well to do well to do family and a village Aligarh, Vijay’s life was full of thrones for many years. He got to cross hurdle in all his way from college. Once he had no money even to manage his basic expenses. He says he lived with two cups of tea every day to survive. But he never gave up. That is what Vijay say’s when someone ask something good about himself.

Vijay tried many ventures before starting PayTM. He went under great loss sometimes and survived through all the just with the help of his hopes. He worked so hard in finding what he wanted from many years. Vijay was never afraid of failures. Instead he thought them as lessons he learnt from himself.

Currently the value of PayTM is $3 billion. Vijay’s dream of being an established business man in India has now come true. The company’s profit boomed in recent months because of demonetisation in India. Vijay loves and encourages his team and employees in all the way possible. Though it looks like his years of struggle has come to an end, his spirit of doing much more things keeps him awake forever. His journey of being an entrepreneur is an inspiration to the coming generations. Now we can see many start-ups who serves online payment, who are following the path discovered by Vijay for PayTM.

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