Startups are the most interesting thing to happen as it is a company founded on the dreams. People feel connected with it and they have the biggest growth opportunity, when they seriously about taking this into a well- planned big organization. In the year 2008, Shashank ND, the founder of Practo dreamt of planning something for the medical fraternity. And today after 9 years they have grown big, and succeeded getting 1 Lac + doctor listed and are making more than 50K+ appointments across country annually .

This idea was initiated by Shashank considering the problems he faced while his father was undergoing treatment. His father was ailing and Shashank needed a second opinion from a senior doctor, though he never knew which doctor he can trust for this important decision related to his father’s life. He was in this dilemma because the doctor he was trusting, was just a virtual contact whom he has not met in person or is not recommended by anyone he knew. So he planned a website/portal where doctors and patients can come together and discuss their and their loved one’s medical condition considering their specialty, locality and recommendations from others who either have been treated by them or who know about them and their services. This platform gave a chance to doctors even to showcase their specialization with recommendation and to market their services via a simple platform on digital media.

Since the idea had been successful, today Practo is the largest online clinic management portal in South Asia including Singapore. People can book their doctor’s appointment, seek consultation and can pay them online, hence it is a hassle free process followed beautifully by 10 billion people across globe.

The credit of Practo’s success goes to the local Private Clinics and Doctors who trusted them initially for investment and shared a story in the success. And today Practo offers free services to doctors who want to try any plan for 14 days free of cost, though with limited features. The employee strength of company has also grown from initial 10 employees to 300+ employees on board today. They believe on people who look for solutions for something which is not workable.

The startup has only one motive that is to unite specialists and patients on a similar stage with the goal that patients know where to go when they have to locate the best specialist, and specialists can deal with their patients in a better way.

Each worker with Practo know precisely what the organization aims for and works towards. The startup advances an open culture at work. They believe in being transparent hence they make sure to discuss all the business aspects with the people who matter the most, which is their employees.

Uniting the services with IT has helped Practo grow to the next level where they could reach more people and can find accountable doctor for the patient’s problem.

In short we can say that Practo has created a space in this ever competing market, and have succeeded to make it amongst those whom people can rely upon. A definition of Start-up is well-exhibited by Practo which includes a clear vision, achievable goal, growth and Support, thankfully they have managed to earn all of it in last 9 years. The only goal which Shashank and company would be aiming next would be the sustainability in the market. We wish all the best for the same.