In the world of busy life, everyone tries to find an easy way for everything they do. If you are a full time employee and finds hard to spend time on shopping at markets, you will obviously move for something easy and better which doesn’t steal a much of your day. In this digital world, everything runs at our finger tips. The first thing that our fingers touch when we want to buy something online is FLIPKART. Flipkart has become a synonym for online market for most of the Indians.

Any business faces challenges in the beginning in the world of well-established e-Commerce business field. When Flipkart was on the way to reach its customers in 2007, the path was not so easy. There were so many hurdles to be crossed to get a stand in the pool of competition.

Mr. Sachin Bansal and Mr. Binny Bansal founded the company Flipkart in 2007. Before that they worked together and though to establish their own kingdom in e-commerce. Flipkart was not the only e-commerce website at that time. Even then they reached the people so fast because of their extraordinary business plan and the way they executed. They never concentrated on the money they are going to make. They got expert by the way they understand their customers’ needs.

Though only books were sold by Flipkart in the beginning, eventually people got to see almost everything they need in the website. While flipping across the items, they started feeling burden free. The genuine products, safe packaging-shipping and secured payment modes made customers life hassle-free. Because of this they came in No. 1 position in Indian e- commerce.

Started the company with mere investment of 4,00,000.00 but full of zeal to enter into the biggest e-commerce world makes anyone feel astonished to know its successful story. But the founders know the hard-core difficulties they came across. They wanted the trust from people and not just money. They strived hard in the beginning while selling books was only its work. They stood at every college gate, book stores to get the attention of buyers. Soon every other product from electronic gadgets to furniture started popping up in the website. Investors started funding over the company. And now it grew so gigantically to be an example for the result of hard work.

The success story of flipkart cannot be completed without knowing their net worth. Currently each of the founders have net worth of $1.3 billion and stand in 86th position. Flipkart has even purchased other firms like WeRead in 2010, ChakPak and Mime360 in 2011, Letsbuy in 2012 and recent one being Myntra in 2014 which is a biggest apparel store in India. Sachin and Binny achieved their goal just by keeping customers’ satisfaction in their minds, which is a primary thing any businessmen should think. Flipkart has become a role model for the upcoming start-ups in India.

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